About Me

I am a scientific and web programmer, with a penchant for interactive graphics.

I love to read and I like to write, sometimes even here on this blog. Some of my more popular posts are:

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Languages I know: Python, Javascript, HTML/CSS, C/C++ and sometimes, sadly, Fortran. Although I think D is über-cool, I recommend Python for Scientists.

Here are some of my projects:

Computational Structural Biology

warning: scientific jargon coming up

I spent 10 years doing research in computational structural biology. Some things I looked at:

Over the years, I've written several primers on computational biology:

With science, I've been able to work around the world from Brussels to Melbourne and along the way, I generated this bunch of peer-reviewed publications:

  1. Twist and shear in β-sheets and β-ribbons (2002)
    Bosco K. Ho, and P. M. G. Curmi
    Journal of Molecular Biology 317:291 [pdf - pubmed]

  2. Revisiting the Ramachandran plot: hard-sphere repulsion, electrostatics, and H-bonding in the α-helix (2003)
    Bosco K. Ho, Annick Thomas and Robert Brasseur
    Protein Science 12:2508 [pdf - pubmed]

  3. The flexibility in the proline ring couples to the protein backbone (2005)
    Bosco K. Ho, Evangelos A. Coutsias, Chaok Seok and Ken A. Dill
    Protein Science 14:1011 [pdf - pubmed]

  4. The Ramachandran plots of glycine and pre-proline (2005)
    Bosco K. Ho and Robert Brasseur
    BMC Structural Biology 5:14 [pdf - link]

  5. Folding Very Short Peptides Using Molecular Dynamics (2006)
    Bosco K. Ho and Ken A. Dill
    PLoS Computational Biology 2:e27 [pdf - link]

  6. Identification of new, well-populated amino-acid sidechain rotamers involving hydroxyl-hydrogen atoms and sulfhydryl-hydrogen atoms (2008)
    Bosco K. Ho and David A Agard
    BMC Structural Biology 8:41 [pdf - link]

  7. HOLLOW: Generating Accurate Representations of Channel and Interior Surfaces in Molecular Structures (2008)
    Bosco K. Ho and Franz Gruswitz
    BMC Structural Biology 8:49 [pdf - link]

  8. Probing the Flexibility of Large Conformational Changes in Protein Structures through Local Perturbations (2009)
    Bosco K. Ho and David A. Agard
    PLOS Computational Biology 5(4): e1000343 [pdf - link]

  9. Conserved Tertiary Couplings Stabilize Elements in the PDZ fold, leading to Characteristic Patterns of Domain Conformational Flexibility (2010)
    Bosco K. Ho and David A. Agard
    Protein Science 19:398-411 [pdf - link]

  10. Unfolding Simulations Reveal the Mechanism of Extreme Unfolding Cooperativity in the Kinetically Stable α-Lytic Protease (2010)
    Neema L. Salimi, Bosco K. Ho and David A. Agard
    PLOS Computational Biology 6(2):e10000689 [pdf - link]

  11. An improved strategy for generating forces in steered molecular dynamics: the mechanical unfolding of titin, e2lip3 and ubiquitin (2010) Bosco K. Ho and David A. Agard
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  12. Hybrid approaches to molecular simulation (2012)
    Bosco K Ho, David Perahia and Ashley M Buckle
    Current Opinion in Structural Biology 22:1-8 [pdf].

  13. Inmembrane, a bioinformatic workflow for annotation of bacterial cell-surface proteomes (2013)
    Andrew J Perry and Bosco K Ho
    Source Code for Biology and Medicine 3:9 [pdf - link].

  14. Interactive visualization tools for the structural biologist (2013)
    Benjamin T Porebski, Bosco K Ho, Ashley M Buckle
    Journal of Applied Crystallography 46:Part 5 [pdf - link]

  15. Proteomic Characterization of a Natural Host-Pathogen Interaction: Repertoire of in vivo Expressed Bacterial and Host Surface Associated Proteins (2014)
    Megan Anne Rees, Oded Kleifeld, Paul K Crellin, Bosco Ho, Timothy P Stinear, A Ian Smith, Ross Leon Coppel Journal of Proteome Research DOI:10.1021/pr5010086 [link]