About Me

I am a scientific programmer and web-designer.

I am an unstoppable reader.

I write occassionally, mostly on this blog, and of which, these are the most popular posts:

Email: mailto:boscoh@gmail.com.
Github: http://github.com/boscoh.
Twitter: http://twitter.com/boscoh.
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Web Programming

I love developing web stuff, much of it learnt on this blog, which is now built with my static web-generator embellish.

Now I build Javascript webapps.

I strive towards minimalist user interfaces for messy real-world data:

Scientific Programming

I now work mainly as a scientific programmer.

Languages I use: Python, Javascript, HTML/CSS, C/C++ and sometimes, sadly, Fortran. Although I think D is über-cool, I recommend Python for Scientists.

If I have a niche, it'd probably be scientific visualization. With Franz Gruswitz, I developed Hollow, a Python script to generate beautiful images of protein channels. I've also written molecular visualizers in C++ (the Ramachandran Plot Explorer) and Javascript (Jolecule).

Indeed, I believe that Javascript is the near future of scientific visualization.

Computational Structural Biology

warning: scientific jargon coming up

Before that, I spent about 10 years studying computational structural biology. For many years, I focused on the backbone structure of protein molecules:

I also studied the protein folding problem, and can report to you that it is very hard, and as yet, an unsolved problem. Still, here are the Ten Commandments of Protein Folding.

I developed a new method in molecular-dynamics simulations that probes the local flexibility of protein structures, and generate a wide range of large conformational changes:

Over the years, I've written several useful primers on computational biology:

The great thing about working in science is that I got to work all around the world:

And no academic biography is complete without a list of peer-reviewed publications:

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