post :: 07 Mar 2004

So here I was, in the bank, ready to open a bog-standard bank account - a relatively easy thing to do. the nice friendly banker had gone through the details and when he got to the point where he explained how checks work as I had never had a checking account before. "Oh americans love checks." I nodded as we went through the details, and then he said, "while i'm doing the paperwork, why don't you choose the design you like". With that he handed me this large folder and proceeded to do his paperwork.

Now, I normally find making decisions over things that have no consequence really quite difficult. I freeze up. I had hundereds of cheque designs to choose from. At the front were the children (?) orientated designs. Have your favourite disney character. There were coca-cola cheques, nascar cheques. Have your favourite nascar driver smiling at you everytime you sign away from money. trees, nature, god, crosses. There were so many that I was so overwhelmed that I chose the most non-descript cheque possible. It was non-descript that when I later signed a cheque to my room-mate, she thought it must have been a temporary cheque. The reassuring "personal" character of your personal cheques must be masking some kind of sub-terranean river of anxiety of money.

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