Comic: Members of the Dill Lab

02 Aug 2006 // books

Banu Ozban studies the master equation. Her tools are the 2d lattice, which she wields with authority. She is truly, the Mistress of the Master-Equation.

Huafeng Xu has a secret identity. He is Water Boy, who uses his superhuman ability to solve water solvation problems in order to fight crime, corruption and un-American activities. His insignia (on his chest) is the mercendes-benz 2d water model, the source of his great power.

John Chodera can occasionally be seen wearing a dashing white tuxedo - a color inversion of the noir aesthetic of the Matrix. Nevertheless, his moves are twice as deadly as that of Keanu Reeves.

You might think that Vince Voelz produces computer-generated graphs of protein folding pathways, but you'd be mistaken. In fact, he is producing art - he is a spiritual descendent of Joan Miro.