31 December 2010

Over the last few years, I've averaged about a book a week. It feels like a lot yet I see blogs by people like Aaron Swartz who claim to have read 100 books in a year. That's like double what I normally read. Is this possible?

Well, last year Aaron put up a list of helpful advice to increase your reading. I decided to take up the offer and try for 100 books this year. This was a good year to try it since I was unemployed for some and was travelling quite a bit. It really does help to use a public library. I read a lot on my iPhone, which makes reading convenient anywhere, even outside on a windy day in the dark. I reread some favorites and indulged in some thrillers.

I started the year with the interminable "Comte de Monte Cristo" and just cracked the target with the newly minted American classic, "Freedom". These were my 100 of 2010:

  1. Alexandre Dumas, "Comte de Monte Cristo"
  2. Emily Bronte, "Wuthering Heights"
  3. Colum McCann, "Let the Great World Spin"
  4. Peter R. Cook, "Principles of Nuclear Structure and Function"
  5. David Harvey, "Limits of Capital"
  6. Matthew Zapruder, "American Linden"
  7. Stanislas Dehaene "Reading in the Brain"
  8. Marguerite Yourcenar "Memoires d'Hadrien"
  9. Susan Sontag, "On Photography"
  10. Arthur Conan Doyle, "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes"
  11. Mungo MacCallum, "Australian story: Kevin rudd and the Lucky Country"
  12. James Jones, "The Thin Red Line"
  13. Daniel Tammet, "Embracing the Wide Sky"
  14. Andre Agassi, "Open"
  15. John Updike, "Rabbit Run"
  16. Bryan Ward-Perkins, "The Fall of Rome: And the End of Civilization"
  17. Atul Gawande, "The Checklist Manifesto"
  18. Tom Vanderbilt, "Traffic"
  19. Christopher Macdougall, "Born to Run"
  20. Allison Hoover Bartlett, "The Man Who Loves Books Too Much"
  21. Ben Mirov, "I is to Vorticism"
  22. Amélie Nothomb, "Ni d'Eve ni d'Adam"
  23. Neale Donald Walsch "Happier than God"
  24. Neale Donald Walsch "Tomorrow's God"
  25. David Owen, "Green Metropolis"
  26. Dasgupta, Papadimitriou, Vazirani, "Algorithms"
  27. Nicolas Wade, "The Faith Instinct"
  28. William Lidwell, Kritina Holden, Jill Butler, "Universal Principles of Design"
  29. Virgil, "Aneid"
  30. Ian Fleming, "On Her Majesty's Secret Service"
  31. Stephan Zweig, "Chess"
  32. Isaac Asimov, "Foundation"
  33. Robert Harris, "Imperium"
  34. Isaac Asimov, "Foundation and Empire"
  35. Isaac Asimov, "Second Foundation"
  36. Neil Shubin, "Your Inner Fish"
  37. Y. A. Rozanov, "Probability Theory: a concise course"
  38. Isaac Singer, "Shadows on the Hudson".
  39. Michael Lewis, "The Big Short".
  40. Arthur Spotnik, "Spunk and Bite"
  41. Ian Mcneely and Lisa Wolverton, "Reinventing Knowledge"
  42. Robert Harris, "Conspirata"
  43. Robert Neuwirth, "Shadow Cities: A Billion Squatters, a New Urban World"
  44. Anya Kamenetz, "DIY U: Edupunks, Edupreneurs, and the Coming Transformation of Higher Education"
  45. Beth Lisick, "Everybody into the Pool: True Tales"
  46. Merrill Goozner, "The $800 Million Pill: The Truth behind the Cost of New Drugs"
  47. Rebecca Skloot, "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks"
  48. Stieg Larsson, "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"
  49. Jean-Pierre Changeux, "L'homme neuronal"
  50. Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister, "Peopleware"
  51. Alice Munro, "Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage: Stories"
  52. Rodd Wagner & James Harter, "12: The Elements of Great Management"
  53. Aristotle, "Poetics"
  54. Alain Mabanckou, "Black Bazar"
  55. Henry Miller, "Tropic of Cancer"
  56. Henry James, "Turn of the Screw"
  57. Allen Ginsberg, "Kadish and other Poems"
  58. Vincent Eaton, "Self-portrait of Someone Else"
  59. Marcel Proust, "Sodome et Gomorrhe. Vol. I"
  60. Marcel Proust, "Sodom et Gomorrhe Vol. II"
  61. Gustav Flaubert, "Un coeur simple"
  62. Alan Hacker, "Higher Education"
  63. Leo Babauta, "The Zen Habits Handbook for Life"
  64. Hilary Mantel, "Wolf Hall"
  65. Neale donald walsch, "the New Revelations"
  66. Oscar Wilde, "Lord Saville's Crime"
  67. Joseph Morse, "The Evolution Diet: What and How We Were Designed to Eat"
  68. TImothy Ferris, "The Four Hour Work Week"
  69. Josh Bazell, "Beat the Reaper"
  70. Steig Larson, "The Girl who played with fire"
  71. David Liss, "the Coffee Trader"
  72. Neale Donald Walsch, "Happier than god"
  73. Umbero Eco, "The Name of the Rose"
  74. Simon Ings, "A Natural History of Seeing"
  75. Flore Vasseur, "La fille dans la ville"
  76. David Hockney, "Secret Knowledge"
  77. Sarah Thornton, "Seven Days in the Art World"
  78. Jennifer Rohn, "Experimental Heart"
  79. Geoff Colvin, "Talent is Overrated"
  80. Leo Babauta, "Focus"
  81. Thomas Levenson, "Newton and the Counterfeiter"
  82. Louise Gilder, "The Age of Entanglement"
  83. Everett Bogue, "minimalist workday"
  84. Adam Smith, "the Wealth of Nations"
  85. Kathryn Stockett, "The Help"
  86. Eric Solbin, "Bach Cello Suites"
  87. Erwin Schrödinger, "What is life?"
  88. Emily Gould, "And the heart says whatever"
  89. Bill Porter, "Zen Baggage"
  90. Atul Gawande, "Complications"
  91. Everett Bogue, "Minimalist Freedom Success"
  92. Naomi Dunford, "SEO School"
  93. Paolo Bacigalupi, "the Windup Girl"
  94. Colin Wright, "Networking Awesomely"
  95. Hui-neng translated by Red Pine, "The Platform Sutra"
  96. Yiyun Li, "The Vagrants"
  97. Tim Ferriss, "the Four Hour Body"
  98. Jonathan & Lea Woodward, "The Do-It-Yourself Design & Branding Toolkit"
  99. Jonathan Franzen, "Freedom"
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